How to Survive High School and College

The school year just began, and students are on the roll with exams and courses.
But some students, are just in a whirlwind of what to do and how to improve their lives.
So I thought why not create a platform where these students, and for sure others, can learn how to cut through the horrors of high school.

Lets begin with the basics:
First, consider every test and quiz an assignment rather than a panic attack.
Second, remember to always be focused in your studies.
Third, never consider your courses overbearing.
I'll give you the straight truth--- Honors and APs are not the top of the world. Taking regular classes will benefit you in the long run (in college too), and save those APs for senior year.
Fourth, keep reciting to yourself that knowledge is unique and take five minutes everyday to look at nature and be thankful for the life you have.
Fiftth, do not take every single club and activity for colleges, they only look at what specifically you're interested in and how committed you are. 

Now, this is for facing tribulations: 
First and FOREMOST, do not panic or become anxious.
Second, if you face a lot of trouble in courses and/or health, forget about your grades and simply set your mind to understanding concepts. Once you get your quizzes or tests back, don't look at the score.
You'll be in better shape and in less stress compared to looking at your grades and dying.
Third, reach out to several resources, and if desperate, check your daily horoscope
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