Philoso # 34: How to Control Anxiety

Hey y'all sorry for the delay in my epic

I have been up and at it the past few weeks and today sparked my ambition to write about something that feels dreadful on the inside.
+What The Jules 
This particular feeling that inner gut feeling that just twists and turns your entire stomach around.
Well I'm here to solve that problem, and trust me it was not easy on my part.

When I have anxiety, I get this gut feeling that twists me around, and I feel like I'm about to pass out.
This happened recently to me because of work and stress load, and in the end I started rethinking some actions...

First, why in the world am I stressed out?
Second, why am I increasingly becoming sensitive to failure?
Third, I need to immediately stop the sickness.

Over the weekend, I completely turned around. And that's when a clear idea came into one piece.

The one thing that keeps you away from anxiety: is to NEVER KEEP EXPECTATION!

IF you start expecting, your worries will increase in accolades. IF you take life in its stroll, you won't believe how much better your mental health and output will be.

I'm a high schooler, so anxiety is a common problem. I made myself under go the fact that if I don't expect anything, (like scores and social issues) and simply focus on work, I will shine. 
And you know what, IT WORKS! 

Why does +Dalai Lama often reprimand that you should never be in the past or future? Because both of those times induce anxiety and worries, whereas living in present will give you optimism and control of your life. 

Take my advice and you'll be okay.

Cheers and regards, and may you live an anxiety-free day! 
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