3 Ways to Retain Info Like Magic!

Pip' Pip' Cheerio Fellas and Sheilas,

Did you ever need help in memorizing and/or understanding concepts?
How would you remember certain methods and equations in math?
Or how do you completely understand molecular DNA in biology?
More importantly, how do you remember to be in a certain way in a certain situation?

Here are the 3 magic ways to retain information.

  1. Separate and focus: If this particular concept is in a book, mark where the lines pertain to it. Next, take that part specifically and break it down. You should use your hands to designate one line to the next and understand the concept. Rewind from bottom to top, and keep breaking the idea apart until you reach an "AH-HA!" moment. This will take time, yet you will be ten times more efficient when applying the concept. This can also be taken to life situations, by analyzing why something happened at that particular time. Then take that data and improve your life! 
  2. Practice: I know people lecture on how practice makes perfect, yet, that's not what I'm going to explain. First, when I say practice, I mean to legitimately practice. Practice as if the world is nothing but your book or paper and pen. Sit yourself down with a certain tea that you like. Then, make sure not to move for the next 10-15 minutes. Completely immerse yourself into whatever you are doing even if you don't like it. Then be in constant effort to get from A-Z in the time that you have. Compare yourself to how you did from start to end, and you will realize the maximum difference. In life, you can improve your strengths and weaknesses from this method. 
  3. Be philosophically upright: This may seem a little ambiguous, but being philosophically upright is the ultimate key to success. If you are negative about how you are as a student or individual, you will never reach anywhere in life. I suffered a year feeling this way, and ended up realizing that if I use the first two ways I explained above to the core, I will become great in everything that I do. The result: life's getting better and it legit works. Also, never focus on grades or awards primarily. You will never reach to the top, instead it is required to simply circle on how you can develop your personality and approach to different sequences.

FYI readers, I will definitely write a philoso about being philosophically upright. It's a diverse topic, but once you understand it life will roll smoothly. 

Take my advice, and excel in your pathway to success.

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