The Critique: Damon and Jo

+DamonAndJo I had to study for French when I came across your vlog, 

And at first I had thought that your vlog was devoted simply to that, but I was wrong! Your vlog considers anything to bring a smile on someone's face, and I have yet to still finish watching all the videos you have made. 

Coming in my critique list is quite a rough process, but Damon and Jo really bring on the comedy!
I always wanted to know how to travel for little or no money, and turns out they made my dream come true.

So the Analysis:
They love languages, like me, so they hit the critique spot one-o-one.
Their love of food inspires me to try new things everywhere I go.
Damon's French is super cool.
And Jo's Brazillian Nicki Minaj is super fly.

So the Critique:
I wish they could provide a tutorial on how to get cheap flights, as I tried their recommended websites, but nothing resulted well.
If they could try different cuisines around different cities, that would shoot their vlog through the roof!
Jo should definitely do a vlog with only herself speaking in French.

Make sure to check out their vlog:
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