Dalai Lama Post #14: We Don't Need Successful People

***Credits to CRYPTIK on Saturday, April 18th, 2015***

It is true, the world is full of successful people, and some people after a while, sought after greed.
When one tries to be successful, they try to look at their destination in singularity. Often forgetting, that the rest of the world still remains and exists.

Successful people later on work selfishly for profit, and self desires. So when there are already enough people like that, why do we need MORE?

+Dalai Lama says something that is so true, we need MORE peacemakers, healers, and best of all, helpers. One that can uplift people out of sorrow, and develop the next generation of Ashok

This world is so behold by chaos and filth, that cleaning it is a big priority.
We have corruption, crime, injustice, and an overall hell on this Earth.

When are we going to stop this? When are we going to take an initiative to fix all impoverished?

So in that respect, lets build a world of uplifters instead of a world of materialism.
We have ten fold of issues such as the climate, trafficking, and more.
And what is the source of all of these issues, MATERIALISM! 

So ending materialism is essential, and also we need to help everyone that is down and under.
People may take advantage of you, but you are doing everything out of compassion. And that compassion, NEVER ENDS! 

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