Philoso #32: Being Bilingual is Not FUNNY

I was taking a bus ride home with my family when I encountered a peculiar situation, and that too for the first time...

I wouldn't conjure that all Americans or even just white people in general have this fear, but I have met with an example.

There were a couple of old ladies sitting in seats spread out, and my family happened to sit close by.
I casually started speaking to my mother in Hindi, and also some English, as I tend to mix them up.

The lady in front of me, diagonally across, was sitting and asked my mother if she was my sister's mother.
My mother replied yes, and I started talking about how I need to get in shape as I was before.

The lady asked my mother if I spoke English, and my mother answered positively.

I said that I was bilingual, with respect to both of those languages. 
So that old lady said that being bilingual was not funny, and that was a very strange remark.

She said that just because I am in America, I should speak English. She would also have spoken the native language of India if she were there. 

The old lady had also said that it was wrong to speak another native language, but I also sensed some fear in her. Since I was talking in Hindi, she was trying to understand our conversation as something unusual. 

This is a huge hypocrisy, as the first amendment of the constitution says you have freedom of speech.
Thus speaking in a different language is acceptable.

And I'll also add, that this is racism. Despite it being the first time I have encountered such a situation, I'm used to being called out to.

Therefore, never negatively remark on one's capabilities, and you should allow others to live according to their wish. Never show extreme nationalism, otherwise that will reveal your ignorance.
Racism is everywhere, and in order to end it, you must develop your personality positively first. 

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