Happy Birthday Dalai Lama!

On July 6th, 1935, a very important being was born.
One who would spread compassion despite suffering from any issue.
Today, H.H  +Dalai Lama  is 80 years old. 

I am always inspired by him, as his ethics, quotes, and meaning of life are so simle yet so true.
I often wonder if he reads my blog, and if he did it would such a great honor.

His talents are what bring a great essence to him, as he indulges in reverse engineering and neuroscience as well. 

He follows Buddhism, and at the same time never fails to embrace it.
As the whole definition of Buddhism is to spread compassion for a peaceful world. 
His birthday wish is for everyone to spread compassion, and I would understand why.
Today, the world is full of chaos and hatred, and we shouldn't let it continue.

So, with out further ado, let's all wish him a Happy 80th Birthday to +Dalai Lama!

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