The Critique: Interstellar

So I am not promoting this, but I must say I recently watched it...and I recently became bewildered. 

The imagination in this movie is such an inception, I had to think twice between every chapter.

Sure there were flaws, but the emotional drama and sequencing of time was the artistic value brought by the director, Christopher Nolan.

Who would have ever thought that there was a dimension through a black hole where time is bent? 

And that anomalies such as sand spread through a room, can be represented as time. Each pluck and code reveals a secret unlike no other. 

For all of you sci-fi kids, relativity of time and gravity are the key ideas of the +Interstellar Movie

I must say although, +Matthew McConaughey's acting was superb! 

I haven't experienced such trauma from messages and tears as much as I have from this masterpiece. 

The whole concept behind the movie is truly unique, and if you haven't watched this movie, you have missed out on one of the best movies I have seen.

Sure, you can't write in space as easily as they did. But yet, love conquers all! <-- a="" by="" class="g-profile" href="//" introduced="" nbsp="" target="_blank" theme="" this="" was="">+Anne Hathaway


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