Philoso #32: The Truth of Truth

Truth is the ultimate evidence, something that is hard to obtain, hard to notice, yet neutralizes all. 

Can you imagine something so omniscient can be important and in fact, thick as the air?

Knowledge is indeed mysterious when we think about it, as truth is all around us. It's like the valuable object that we pass by and don't notice. 

It flows through every one's mind, but if you stop for a second and realize that you have to seek how you can grasp the truth, you will reach ultimatum.

That has happened in my life, and I can assure you that once you realize this ultimatum, your life is at bliss. Nothing can be more rewarding than such a glimpse of bliss. 

But Mahatma Gandhi also says that the truth is not tolerated by all. Instead, the truth is manipulated since every person's mind is the not the same. Some people reach maturity before others, and humans are so disgusting that corrupt people take advantage of this situation.

But for those who have reached maturity, don't regret for being who you are. It's a God's gift to be achieving such a mental aptitude. 

Despite who is oppressing you, despite who is controlling your mind by blocking the truth, YOU MUST AND ALWAYS STAND UP FOR WHAT IS RIGHT!

You will never regret speaking what is right, as if you are one person versus a thousand, the truth will stand out as one in a million for eternity. 

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