The Critique: Much Madness is Divinest Sense!

When understanding what a prolific poet is, just know you're beholding it right now...

Such a classic and wonderful work of art, unique in the right words. 
So what is this poem about? Well if you have ever read Emily Dickinson, you would know her poems mean nothing to joke around. 

If you catch the second line,  "To a discerning Eye," defines how you can understand Dickinson's personality. 

She is the judge, or someone who can take different perceptions and analyzes them. 
This poem asserts that majorities are the only take on how people can know what is the social norm.
And she shows that if you don't follow what you think is right, you would become alike everyone else. Do the opposite, and you are a rebel. 

The right and the wrong all in all decipher the overall topic of this poem, PERCEPTION! 

So in that case, insanity and sane are alike, it depends on how you weigh them and if you can grasp the jist of all perceptions--- the discerning eye. 

Dickinson was sort of a recluse, but her isolation led her to becoming the discerning eye, as she was not as affected by the everyday norms of society. 
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