Happy International Women's Day!

So I would like to start off by saying that this day should be regarded.

Because, the immense hatred, insincerity, devilish torture and demeanor is prominent against women.

And that does not mean only men commit such horror, yet society as a whole surprisingly is at fault.

We portray everything about women so wrong, that if it continues, we will be in for the worst.

Women are least respected, and as much denial it will take, the facts are true.

Yes there is bad in nature if there is good, but, implying that women are provocative or that women are weak is simply stupid.

Take time today, and to heck, even forever that women are talented and mentally very strong.
Men and women together create a harmonious world, so alike the yin & yang.

Women are not credited for major accomplishments as men are, and giving equality to both genders is essential. Otherwise, why are we called human when humans don't treat each other right?

Give a hug to your mother and father, support to your brother and sister, and motivation to young girls and boys equally.

The world needs much less chaos then it has today. Happy International Women's Day!
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