Dalai Lama Post #13: Greed VS Contentment

WOW....it is has been more than five months since I have posted another +Dalai Lama post.

Yet, I cannot explain to you how much corruption and greed is in this world. It is quite upsetting, that in a world of breath-taking nature, we tend to ignore the beauty already given.

I am explaining contentment to be exact; as in this world, we humans have become more materialistic than ever. And sorry for the pessimism, but it is going to continue and GROW! 

Dalai Lama explains what greed is, an endless barking of WANT WANT WANT. 
Even when you bite, you will never be satisfied. Why is that so?

This selfish desire is what psychologically cracks you down, a strong addiction of a sort. You cannot get enough of it, because you are searching for something that is non-existent. Simply stating, you are searching pointlessly as there is nothing to search for!

You try strenouslly to reach that point you perceive, but that point isn't there. Then you keep at it for a long period of time, and this desire blocks you from seeing reality. The reality is to be content with whatever you have and how life is flowing.

Greed is the most blindsighting desire known to man, and if you get trapped once, coming out of it is like getting stuck in a blackhole.

So be content with how time is moving on, and if you really want to acheive something, acheive it with a pure intention instead of greed. 

Contentment=peace of mind :)

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