5 Reasons Why Humans Make Life Hard for Themselves

For the past month I have been wanting to write something so powerful, that logic fits right in.


So here goes, the phenonemon of why we humans make life hard for ourselves. 
You'd be quite suprised by the mediocracy...

  • Superiority
Although this may seem self explanatory, superiority is a HUGE BACKWARD MINDSET! From conquering lands to racism, humans in different pools have made it hard for common people to exist. We have to live in a world where there was lynching, white superiority,  and today government oppression still exists. WHY? Because our minds have broken, we have such a thirst for being the ONLY ONE at the top, that we lose our senses. 

If there was no superiority today:
-African Americans would gain respect for their actions and pursuits
-Asians would have never had to deal with stereotypes 
-One religion would never become superior to another --> therefore people would realize that all relgiions are one and equal 
-There would be no censorship of knowledge
-And war would be nothing, since diplomacy and the ethics of being a peaceful and positive world would go around. 
-Women wouldn't be subjected to harassment
  • Ignorance
Ignorance is something that cannot be controlled easily. We all live in such an ideal, and to some extent develop unusual beliefs from ignorance. Yet, after sometime, people start taking these idiotic beliefs to heart, and that's where we start to suffer. People believe that a certain community of one religion is mediocre to another, whereas those certain people are ignorant of the fact that religion was never meant to compare. Today so much chaos is spread by ignorance, that I started to create a new domino theory just by that. One person ignorant, then the next, and the timeless evolution of ignorant descendants move on. 
  • Materialism
Our world today is dominated by materialistic views, (check this out to learn more). One person can become better than another just by having one expensive item. Then it comes down to being in the upper class or lower class, and the taunting begins. Materialism is a huge set back in daily life, and greed tends to increase day by day. Greed is the root of all problems, and very few people understand that. If there was no materialism, vanity, and greed, 3/4 of the world's problems would end right now. +Rotary International 
  • Negativity
Many people question is negativity even real? And my answer is yes: because negativity looks bad and feels bad as well. Your actions and way of thinking do not make sense, and you indulge into the three reasons listed above. You can remove negativity by searching for a simplistic way of life, and a spiritual base (not necessarily implying religion). +Spiritual Mind Science 
  • No direction
Each second I realize that there are thousands of people in this world that are not being provided the right direction in life. They get involved in wrong things such as drugs, gambling, pre-maritial living, and such actions that remove you from focus. Then, they argue that these actions are right which is completely wrong. To live and prosper, a guru or a mental balance must be provided. Determination, and ethical values are the key to success, and these two characteristics help you in avoiding peer pressure as well.

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