The Truth on Paris Attacks Aftermath

I was equivalently upset about the ignorance of people.
I swear, if there was a hall of shame, it would be filled up right now.

After the attacks, people in this world CANNOT and I repeat CANNOT blame all Muslims and more importantly Islam.
People look so incompetent when they say that, it is mind blowing.

No religion teaches anything about violence and torture, and proclaiming that is ABSOLUTELY FALSE!

Madame Le Pen of the National Front party has admitted that she despises the major population of muslim immigrants and only wants her hegemony of the National Front Party. What??

I don't understand why people are fighting fire with fire, when instead the rest of France's muslim population has admitted multiple times of their hatred towards recent and past violence. For God's sake, Jihad isn't even used correctly today. It means hard work for peace of the society, when terror groups are doing the opposite thing! Simply mind blowing...

Every single comment I read on Facebook regarding the attacks has said that Islam is a phony, when you are mocking yourself when saying that. No religion is bad, no religion teaches anything bad, and neither will it ever.
The basic hard core truth: Human deeds are what count! Wrong human deeds, like the attacks, are things that make no sense and are horrible. This is what happens when you don't follow the virtues of a religion properly and rely on multiple interpretations for selfish needs. 

On the other hand, for the few people who are not sensical:

Right now, riots are being held in Pakistan about hating +Charlie Hebdo  and the picture of Mohammed in a comic. Like seriously?

Just because a picture of Mohammed has been made a satire out of, that does not give ANY REASON to start shooting, killing, rioting, or being CHAOTIC!

Can't you politely request? People listen and understand, and if you find something offensive WHY DON'T YOU SPEAK instead of physically attacking others???

The world does not need terror nor some sort of impractical hegemony, from any person despite religion.

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