The Critique: Sherlock Holmes (TV Series)

So I can say this is THE BEST SHOW ALIVE!
Simply startling, just startling
(**with British accent**)

But nonetheless, if you are not familiar with the show *cough*, then let me introduce you to the wonderful and somewhat dashing Sociopath Sherlock Holmes. Played by +Benedict Cummerbatch, +Benedict Cumberbatch Blog. Official News, Sherlock is an ultimate genius with a knack for solving puzzles. His mind begins to what he calls "rot" if there is no case to solve or work to do, ergo he is easily bored.

Next is someone so poise, and an only friend Sherlock will accept. Watson, played by Martin Freeman, was an army doctor in the Afghanistan war, and after being shot he uses a cane to support his leg. But a mysterious run with Sherlock makes him comfortable without it, and overtime he recovers from Post Trauma Stress Disorder (PTSD). With his knowledge and Sherlock's inquisitiveness, they both become a team recognized by many.

But I can say that Benedict Cumberbatch is one of the most versatile actors I have ever met. Truly unique, and at one point I was bedazzled by how I never saw an actor who was great at playing brilliance. Can you name any other actors that would portray mind solving geniuses? NO! (or at least I don't know of) but bottom-line he and his charming accent take you into a world you would never dream of before.

News confirm that another season of Sherlock is on the way!!!!!!!!!
I am so excited, the adrenaline that comes from watching this show is INSANE.
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