Philoso # 31: The Growth of Common Sense

When Rebel Circus shared this on Facebook, I had to just write this down.


This analogy just makes the perfect sense of how this statement comes alive. Not everybody has common sense and some people take more time than others to attain it.

So what is common sense? Well, it is the capacity to think right, do right, and be right. Because other than being righteous, how can you demand that you have common sense?

Common sense is one way you can decrease the amount of stress or trauma from difficult situations. Without it, you might as well be directionless!

Once you start to realize that life is taking a smooth path when you work hard, or that you have given hope and compassion to someone else, common sense is the mechanism for spreading positivity! 

People today, and this may be hard to swallow, really do lack in common sense.
And it is not entirely the individual's fault, it may be the negativity some people spread or natural negative emotions that engulf us. 

You need to analyze and understand the little things of life in order to fully grasp common sense, and it happens over a period of time. Well, that's another Philoso to behold...

Common sense is like the logical compass of a soul, and surprisingly people deny this kind of thought process. 

You can be freed from staunch and orthodox opinions, dictatorship, illogical superstitions, and even nonsensical ideologies such as hegemony
All you need is common sense!

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