Dalai Lama Post #12: Peace of Mind

Self control is essential in daily life situations. I can recall how this was necessary when my grandfather had passed away. I became rather stoic, and emotion wasn't something I paid attention to.

Negative emotions, whether it is depression, anger, fear, sadness, are all meant to soak you into a dimension you would want to avoid.  They are the reasons why you feel utterly miserable and cannot think straight!

Negative experiences, such as failing and underestimating yourself,  being lied to, and being betrayed by someone should never overcome your mental balance and peace. After all, you can have a better self control of nerve shaking situations with a relaxed manner of thought.

Whether you prefer a spiritual or scientific explanation of what mental peace is, the most important thing to know is that both ways meet at a point and conclude that mental peace is significant for a good health.

Spiritually, mental peace is good for stabilizing our emotions and our souls. Scientifically, being relaxed and calm is good for our medical needs.

If we didn't have mental peace, we would not be able to carry the heavy burden of negative emotions that orbit around our minds once in a while.

Our minds control the good and the bad of what we do, and having a mental balance is also quite necessary to make decisions and recognize our karma.

****I will write a Philoso that will present how to have mental peace, stay tuned!****
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