So 2014 was a really good year, with several moments worth preserving.

I am thankful that this website is still running, and that  I HAVE SUCH GREAT FOLLOWERS!

Having followers that communicate makes me feel proud to be doing what  I do best, emphasize common sense!

So here are the moments that really shook the impossible:

  1.  So back in February, I had acheived 1000 views. And to be honest, this was so remarkable for me that my jaw really did drop. Then the following day, I created a facebook page for The Candid Nation!
  2. In April, I wrote the following Philoso on a very essential topic. 
  4. In July, The Candid Nation completed its first birthday! (I couldn't believe it!)
  5. In August, I released my first Philoso video #Respect
  6. In September, I created The Candid Nation tumblr page! 
  7. In November, I wrote two new things that back then was recently discovered by me. First was the Poi fire balls  and second was a topic suggested by a reader on Google+. A Philoso by moi about overcoming the lack of understanding in this world. 
  8. Then on December 20th, I passed over 8,000 page views! That's 7,000 more than February!
  9. December 21st marked the day I created a somewhat official logo for The Candid Nation
  10. I hope that 2015 has more in store, after all, blogging creates wonders

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