Philoso #30: To Overcome Mutual Incomprehension

I came by an idea that was suggested by a good follower and reader. She read this meme that I created and wondered if I had a proposal to overcome the lack of incomprehension in this world. +Naomi Wallace
Then I remembered I had a solution to this, bit by bit.

Well first, why is there a lack of understanding? Many key points connected to this, and I can say that the majority of concerns are:
  1. Ego and superiority
  2. Less respect and more arrogance
  3. Narrow mindedness and fear
  4. Lack of common sense
And you might say, how can we overcome this expulsion? Simple, all you need to resolve all of the negative ideas listed above. 
  1. Ego and superiority are two of the worst things for mankind to be blinded by. Men should never have an ego, it just makes them look incompetent. Woman should never have a sense of pride for being more beautiful than another woman as an example. We are all human beings, and if you tend to lean on the egoistic side and the usual phrase "I am better than you," then you are practically inhumane. Understand everyone has some flaws and some efficiencies, then accept how you are and slowly absorb that feeling inferior is not the case either. 
  2. Lets face it, less respect and more arrogance are just unethical. I have met so many people who judge upon the face and give you the least respect possible, and then you would be inclined to shaking your head. SHAME absolute SHAME! Some people even take respect as being flirty, which is the most idiotic thing I have ever known. Please respect others no matter who they are, and don't ever deem respect as flirtatiousness, it would be a major mistake to do so. Respect just means good karma, and if you spread it you get twice as much back. This disrespect has a lot to do with arrogance, as some people are inferior and will show their outer arrogance. For those kind of people, listen to step #1. 
  3. In my life, I have dealt with a lot of narrow mindedness and fear. People have a height to thinking conservative, they spread their so little focus and insight. And on top of that, FEAR! Two of the greatest combinations on earth... +Sarcasm Society. Nobody understands that you need to have an open insight to things as all humans have different qualities. Fear of pointless things such as, if someone has no power then they will have lost everything, or if I become religious then I am impractical, are the worst to live by. Try to open your mind by developing an insight (next philoso topic) and by removing certain fears. This can be done if you understand how time rolls on. 
  4. A lack of common sense is an idea that the +The Candid Nation wants to resolve. So many people forget the presence of logical thinking and inner spirituality, and deem these impractical no matter how much you would defend this point. There needs to be more courage, more openness to certain things, and a big emphasis of ethical values, Waging war, spreading negativity, wanting tyranny, accusing religions, and overall not understanding how to establish a blissful life is a major reason why comprehension is not baselined. 
So that's it folks! If you want to clear out incomprehension, work on your inner human and analyze how to overcome all that's listed above. In today's world, negativity plays an important role, and this is why we cannot understand what is right. Ultimately what side do we choose? The wrong...

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