Philoso #29: When the Tough Gets Going, the Going Gets Tough

So the past week it has been tears, headaches, and constant worrying. 
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Yup that's right folks, I was and I still might be in mayhem. But I learned a day ago, that if the tough gets going, then the going gets tough. It seems as if you cannot push through and something is stopping you. Ever been in such situations? Well for me whenever I have been in failure this past week, it just brought upon the tears of the weak. 

So has been many times where I have wanted to bang my head hard and loud.... #StressReductionKit

But don't back down, and even more importantly don't remorse on your past. Thinking about the past just invites more tears and pain, and ultimately you find much more of that when you start thinking about the future. +Things to Ponder 

Trust me, no matter how many times you fail, if you pursue it with genuine interest then nothing can stop you from success. 
Leave behind the stress and tears, 
and mark on something more enjoyable like...
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