The Critique: Superwoman's Not Average Make-up Tutorial

MY MIND HAS BEEN BLOWN +SuperwomanVlogs +IISuperwomanII

The Candid Nation is a website that keeps ~Emphasizing Common Sense~
And today I was really proud that +IISuperwomanII has done the same exact thing.
Sure, The Candid Nation may not have as many youtube subscribers, but hey, equal sportsmanship. 

But I love the use of emphasizing what is right and wrong through a comedic play on a supposedly "revolutionizing" make up tutorial. 
Expression and dialogue keep this video keen and hilarious at the same time!

She often remarks with sarcasm on how using concealer/foundation to cover up acne and pimples also applies to covering up flaws in yourself...what a clever way to show that's not true!

Over all, this video explains the flaws and common sense every female should have to know about her appearance>>>> GO CHECK THIS OUT! 

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