Dalai Lama Post #11: The Delivered Truth of Life Elements


Take a look world, when somebody says competition is bad, then that somebody is not wrong. Especially when you feel pleasure out of someone's defeat, because then you are not an angel, you are simply a DEMON

Old dynasties and empires all had one basis, and that was for one to look better than the other. This was the sickest mindset back then and it still is today. But unfortunately it is still prevalent today, where with all the technologies and money, this mindset grasps the negative impact of greed. 

+Dalai Lama also delivers the epic truth of having less chaos in the world. And if you haven't already catched them, they are: EDUCATION and PATIENCE and TOLERANCE and most importantly FORGIVENESS. I tell you, forgiveness lacks among a huge amount of people and those people can hold a mean grudge. 

Education ignites light and is a positive balance of focus and knowledge. People at my school always think that knowledge is about competition and even some believe that education is useless. I have never seen more ignorant students in my life, because knowledge is never used for competition and neither is having INFORMATION ever useless. Shame on them. 

In today's world, tolerance is kept at a minimum. How you may say? First, check upon racism and see how's that going in the world. Are the majority of the people racist or tolerant? In the U.S, racism among African-Americans, Indians, etc is still there. Take President +Barack Obama 's example, he gets criticised ALL THE TIME! Then there are Islamic extremists in the Middle-East, who have no idea how big of a sin they are committing. Neither are they Islamic nor human beings, instead they are in the momentum of establishing a religous tyranny that has no head nor foot. 

In such a materialistic world, greed and violence are common. Nobody thinks today that doing something selflessly shows compassion and power. Education, despite its wholeness, is not considered worthy for self-discipline and then ultimately we are all dysfunctional one way or another. 

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