Cat-Calls... We're Gonna Hollaback!

I saw this video and thought to an extent that the idea behind it is right.
Why are most of these men cat-calling?
TO ALL MEN: Yes, we get it, women are beautiful. But cat-calling is not right, it actually implies a medium of bad intentions and impurity. Think about it, you are the women getting cat-called with something frivolous like "damn, your behind is mad sweet" and then what happens? You get a horrible gut in your stomach. Why can't these men say hello or good morning with respect? Is it necessary to think in a filthy sense and act like a hyena?
True men of dignity have a true sense of dignity.
If any man thinks that cat-calling empowers women, think again.
Cat-calling just feels uncomfortable and self-shaming, A.K.A harrasment!

I read most of the comments on Facebook, Youtube, and CNN. And let's just say that majority of the people think that cat-calling is not shameful! WRONGGGGG....

I am not sure if you all have noticed, but there is a thing called decency. If you appreciate beauty in a sincere manner without all the "Damns!" and "God bless you Mamis" and all that crap then you are not a man at all!

Nobody is stoping you from having an opinion, but morally and ethically you have to be right. Women will appreciate you and your compliment more if you STOP THE CAT-CALLING!

Wouldn't this woman in the video feel a bit supressed? Wouldn't she feel uncomfortable that random men are following her? If you say that is all an excuse, check again.

Being in a similar situation like this before, and I can comprehend and honestly say that it is the worst feeling on the planet.

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