The BIZARRE truth of Nature and Art

Original picture of leaves
About five months ago, I finished drawing a picture of two leaves. On the outside it looks like,
Drawn and painted painting of original
"Oh, this is utterly simple!"
The next minute you start  figuring out that nature is not utterly simple at all. From the smallest line to biggest it conceives the most intricate and accurate pictures one could imagine. After drawing this, I could really project that nature is almost perfect! The amount of color, what color, what shade of color, the length of a line, the boldness of a line, is all planned out so well in leaves and nature. 

On the top left, is the picture I took of the original leaves in a particular position. 
On the bottom left, is the painting I drew and colored in, the same way I took the picture of the leaves. 

It took me two months to complete this, and I could say that bringing leaves to life is extremely hard. Especially the small oval shaped leaf, needs to be brought at a perfect texture. 

I am not sure how well I did this, but COMMENT BELOW! 

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