Philoso #28: To Go Through Failure
When you go through failure, the world seems to end.
You feel as if you are the only one who has broken apart and can cry for eons.
You don't know where to stop and where to start, and despite encouragement you are oblivious to any open door.
It is metacognition, where you judge that darkness and depression are following you.
In a case of broken glass, you know where you stand.
A shattered and withered piece of shard that has no meaning of being put together.

These days I am in a big pool of failure and let's just say I have cried a lot and my eyes are now red. Life just seems to turn around, because I aim for something and if I don't achieve it then all is lost. I cannot imagine seeing that particular rejection, you can name this as a chilling fear. Then, people have been telling me that all is ok, there is nothing to worry about. But I cannot relate to this fact, because once something is published then it is DEFINITELY PUBLISHED; especially in the case I am referring to. I have worked continuously hard for the past two weeks and things surreptitiously become overwhelming. And I thought that things would change from now on, with the results I am seeing. Unfortunately, I might become a bad representation in the perceptions of others, and I currently see no way through.

People dictate failure and success in many things like this: a quote by +Bill Gates +Bill Gates quotes

I don't know how to cope with this right now, as going through failure more than once pains me a lot.

If you have advice, inspirations, or even your own stories

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