8 Ways to Make Life Much better

We all despise sorrow, but it is crucial in life. Without sorrow, we would never have gratitude.
Although somethings in life affect us so much, that we can cannot pertain it.
Which ends up to hearing cases about suicide, drugs and alcohol, and the whole negative hub-shub.

Don't you look forward to better days? Don't you sense that there is some secret hidden?

These eight ways are quite simple, and you will find them very familiar if you recall Buddhism.
This doesn't mean becoming Buddhist, instead this is how we can become better people (Check this post out) with a better view of life!

  1. Right speech: this is important, because if you speak ill of others, karma will get you back. Be positive and neglect the negative words that might come out from you. Life will be much more serene than you think.
  2. Right concentration: be focused in life, bottom-line. Meditation can cross out all tensions and worries, and in the end you would be very thankful for living a beautiful life.
  3. Right intentions: Never think ill for anyone--- anyone indeed. Whether that person may be insulting or polite, having the right intentions will always bring a positive vibe. And to increase compassion, this is an option.
  4. Right actions: don't get this confused with intentions. Actions are at what time you can speak, how you choose to speak, and how you confront situations. Control anger, and increase patience with meditation. Appreciate others at the right time, and maintain a positive outlook.
  5. Right Livelihood: What you say, what you do, what you think, what you eat, how you eat, and how you live are all characteristics of a right livelihood. Yes, people have a freewill of how they want to live, but values and certain points are present. Being promiscuous is an absolute NO-NO. You need to have faith and love for genuine-hearted people and cherish them. People today would never understand this, but that's because they interfere freedom with such a horrible mentality that distracts you from being focused.
  6. Right effort: Always try to excel in life, you never know what comes forth. Literacy is never born, you have to grasp it. Also, having fear in decisions will lead you the wrong way.
  7. Right mindfulness: Always keep your attention and memory alert. If it is weak, then use the right effort to improve this. Living in the present and speaking in forgetfulness is contradictory. 
  8. Right view: This does not mean being correct all the time. Understanding the meaning of life, death, and nature is EXTREMELY essential. Don't be blind to the world, instead create an aura of wisdom, start by noticing your surroundings like trees and flowers to how death and life are a part of nature. One sure way of decreasing your grief, and being enlightened. 
Did it strike you? Well, these are all the great concepts of the Eightfold Path. No matter what religion you follow, this is a basic and universal integrity. Learn, Understand, and Share!
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