The Critique: Nicki Minaj and "Anaconda"

So the buzz about +Nicki Minaj 's new video "Anaconda" has started to take off all over Facebook and other social media websites. And honestly, I have to be a little harsh in one respect. That is, that +Nicki Minaj 's video is overly provocative when it comes to showing herself off. She could just shoot the video with something creative in a soft manner and still do great in the business. I didn't understand the reason for showing off her rear in such a provocative way, it makes no sense. And I know that some people will argue the fact that if she has such a body then why not show it off, but again that also makes no sense. Why? Because being lusty shows your negative outcome when in the world you have other better and positive ways of expressing yourself. Showing herself off is not talent, it is her awesome rapping skills that matter more. She uses a powerful voice with different alter egos that make her stand out as a new innovate female rapper. +Nicki Minaj has the talent of unlike no one, and I say that if she tried to focus on her rapping in the video more than being provocative, she would do ten times better in the field. I guarantee her excellence in that way.

****P.S: All statement I make are positive and/or constructive****
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