Philoso #27: Dreaminess

I was extensively busy this past week, and getting ready for the incoming year. And I don't know how I can handle everything, but one thing I can say is that for sometime I have been quite dreamy.
I know I have mentioned in Lyfé's Boggling Mind: The Social Craziness With a Hint of Methat I create conversations in my head and all that shenaaz but this is different. When you are dreamy, you are in an altered state of mind. And I can say that I am more content when in a dreamy state, you can also say otherwise in a meditative state. Dreams are your own and you can curve them to whatever you want them to be. My dreams after along time have been starting to seem sweet, and only my mind knows what is going to happen next.
My dreams included someone I admire close to my soul, you could
also say my heart. But regardless of the heart, there is a reason why I have affection towards this person. A candid, content, and easy going person always has his/her charm rolling onto someone. The same way dreams should be, candid, content, and easy going.
Dreaming is like another world you can go to, and for me not being able to dream is as if I am a body with no soul. You see the world around you, and then close your eyes into a world you can control, and most likely able to predict. It is an anxiety and calming state of mind, with the base of being emotional. Dreaming is considered sometimes self-centered, and that is only because dreams are of what you want. Being dazed about someone else, understanding situations in life, or even dreaming of achieving something big is all related to your world and your sense of keen.
I never imagined I could write, and honestly I thought I sucked at writing especially when it comes to flowing. I dreamed I would create a blog and then who knows it would reach to this level.
Purely a dream.
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