Dalai Lama Post #10: Truths for Being a Better Human

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So the truth has been spoken again! I really bow down to +Dalai Lama for his quotes and absolute statements that make life seem pure once and for all. Human values are extremely critical especially because we have an expanding brain with endless ideas.
But in today's world, values are seemingly low, less present in modern nations like America and other places. Values of being modest, honest, non-promiscuous, are all essential and very few people tend to mold themselves in this direction. And come what may, in all chaos and manner, every human has a coin of affection and they can try to be a good person.
Killings and crimes can never bring us closer to having a balanced mind, and even if spirituality emphasizes that so does science. Aren't you surprised that +Dalai Lama mentioned something both related to spirituality and science? You now have a live example of how those two ideologies come together somehow, work of nature indeed!
Love and compassion should never be based off of religious matters, this should be instilled in your mind and soul for being a great human. Without love and compassion, we cannot relate to strangers or to familiar people, it why His Holiness emphasizes its necessity.
To make the world a better place, values and empathy are one of the many ways we can create balance.  Relationships should be stable and less promiscuous, and people should help one another. Vanity is something to rid of, and all negative emotions far away from us. With values taught by parents and future parents, we can hope to see the best. 
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