Truths of the Zodiac Unleashed

I believe in zodiacs, and I don't understand why people are afraid of someone who does.
 If you are a person that knows what is right and wrong, that is in no way dangerous.
Yet, this post explains crucial parts of zodiac signs and what people are often oblivious by.
  1. Each Zodiac sign has key reference and planet that influences the thinking of an individual
  2. The zodiac suggests only how you think and how your approach is looked upon by others. 
  3. More like how someone would see a person of positive energy and negative energy. 
  4. The days absolutely matter:
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  • The 22nd of every month is the cut off day to go into the next sign
  • If your birthday is within either 3 days before the 22nd including, from the 19th and 3 days after including the 22nd, you are a CUSP. 
  • CUSP means that you have characteristics of both signs, one can be more than the other depending on what day
    • From 19th to the 21th: this means that you are more influenced by the sign before the 22nd. So if you are born on March 19th, the sign before the 22nd which is Pisces, will be more effective then Aries (sign after 22nd). Yet you will still have slight traits of Aries. 
    • The 22rd: This is immediate cusp, since you are ranging from the mid-deadline. People born on the 22nd have direct traits from both signs, such as March 22nd would have both Pisces and Aries effect of energy and characteristics. 
    • From 23rd to the 25th: These days are similar to the first three days before the 22nd. If your birthday is in one of these days, then you are more affected by the sign after the 22nd. Such as, if your birthday is on March 24th, then you are more Aries but have slight characteristics of Pisces within you. 
       5. Rest of the days from 26th to the 18th of the next month mean you are fully the sign suggested. 

*Wait for the next post: Truths of the Zodiac and Their Identities*

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