The Explained Authority: Gaza

Haven't posted in quite a while, but I see that many people on Facebook care about what's going on in Gaza. It is quite upsetting with what Israel is doing.

But for one thing, why is Israel doing all of this now? In the holy month of Ramadan, why such atrocities?

Although it time should not matter, especially when atrocities are not mandatory, the entire Muslim community is going through such a soul cleansing time! 

But I must say that the leaders of Israel are not doing a good job of keeping things under control for now. Everybody during Ramadan should be at peace within themselves, not in despair for being unable to save others. 

Palestine may be in tuft with Israel, but the attacks could be spared and things can be confronted with peace talks and diplomacy. 

If Israel wants to attack, why do they want to attack innocent people? Israel wants to attack the Hamas but the people in Palestine are governed and not part of the Hamas. 

In such a tough time, I would encourage for everybody to take a step against the attacks and at the same time give Dua to those in need. 
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