The Critique: Bounce by Iggy Azalea

I heard the song Fancy by +Iggy Azalea  and then searched some more songs until I found this. As I played the video, I scrolled down in the comments and read the comments. All the comments were saying things like, "This is racist" or "This is @#% stupid" and other words of opinion. But for starters, I will not ever write any swear words without thinking twice. And second, this might not be as racist as you think it is. Sure the lyrics are mediocre and the music is modern, but I must admit that the saris and lenghas are phenomenal. From the lyrics, I can core out that Iggy's use of "bounce" means dance incredibly crazy. Iggy in general seems very provocative in the second sense provocative is used for. But I did not think that this video is very racist, I mean besides Iggy being Iggy there is nothing disrespectful about this. By being Iggy, she states that she can be beguiling yet embrace something awesome about a culture. Other people also mention that just because someone is white and they do exactly like what Iggy does in the video, only whites will be called racist in terms of cultural diffusion. NO! That's only if you have such a perspective, so off record and degenerated. A middle eastern person could blame an Indian for such acts as well, there is no differentiating. Take a look at this video and drop in the comments below what you think! 
P.S: All statements are constructive and/or positive.
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