Ten Reasons Why You Should Love FOOD

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Food is something unlike the rest of the things in the world. Can you think of such an important thing to use in life? A human needs food to live and feel happy. Food gives an ultra sensation of how life can be more positive than all the problems you encounter. Sweets for a sweet and beautiful taste, and savory foods to gain a variety and exposure for. 
Without further ado, here are the ten reasons why you should love 

  1. Food never talks back to you
  2. If you ever need a good friend to console you, look in your refrigerator
  3. You know a bell pepper is a bell pepper, total honesty from food
  4. Food will always smell good (if cooked well), don't expect to apply deodorant 
  5. Food unlike people will NEVER deceive you, food is always there...amen
  6. Need a smile? Make some sweet rice pudding or cake for additive positivity 
  7. Fossil fuels may run out, but food is natural and will never be gone
  8. Have a cold? Make or get something spicy to eat. This way food helps in naturally opening your sinuses
  9. Need to redecorate? Beautifully arrange fruits in a platter and eat with your guests!
  10. Lastly, if you are ever bored, +Google Search™ different types of recipes and attempt to make it after buying some groceries. It is a way to master the +Art of Living and bring happiness to you and others. 

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