Philoso #25: Music

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This by all time is my favorite topic, because without music 
life would not exist.
Music illustrates the high epitome of emotions and brings life to something we already feel.
Isn't that crazy? You are already alive, and music makes you live even better.

TIP: It is a fact that if you want to have a good memory and prevent Alzheimer's, listen to music for 20 minutes each day or at least 3 times a week. Natural and awesome, yup, life just got better. 
 Music is like a sacred text, except you listen to it rather than read. You should cherish music because of its quality to be beautiful. In the world, people can argue, hate, disgust others, and on the whole be negative. But music is one thing that everyone loves as it is the jumpstart to being born again. If you are sick or feeling blue, turn on the radio and love the present.
     +Buddhism has always taught to understand moments of the present, as opposed to past and future. Music helps in digging your mind in the present with a meditative notion. That's why you would see artists such as singers feeling the music by moving around and engaging with the crowd. 
     I sometimes ponder on the negatives of the music industry, after all artists work for the fame and money and are hypocritical when it comes to real music. In India, people of Rajasthan have spiritual +Rajasthan Voices, with a variety of instruments they are true maestros. Whereas I see the materialism in the music industry with people exposing themselves and creating unnecessary drama.
     Training in music is different from place to place. How singers train in America, is in my opinion not very fine tuned, because although the tone of voice is great, the style and grasp of each note becomes loose. Training in Hindustani Classical from my experience is worth it. You grasp each note and fine tune your vocal chords having an elevating voice to grasp a song quite easily. The format is the same, but way of practicing is not, so it depends on how you look at it. 

Listen to Adele if you are sad, but to elevate your mood you can listen to: enur ft natasja-calabria, "Rather Be" as I have mentioned above, for my Indian folks I will most definitely recommend Rang de Basanti, and for the French it would lead to C'est La Vie by Khaled.

Right now I am currently in love with "Rather Be" Sung by +Jess Glynne and produced with Clean Bandit. +Jess Glynne has the voice of awakening your soul! 

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