Philoso #24: The Meaning of Worship, Religion, and the Misunderstandings

People say that veneration and religion makes a person blinded by faith.
In no man's land should that ever be true.
People say that oh, if you are religious, you will definitely try to convert me.
Again, should not be true.
People say that worship and faith in a deity means nothing.
You are extremely wrong.

But I know why people say all of these things...
Because of how people react individually in society.
We could blame, and sorry for the specific terminology, that Muslims are not peaceful because of their faith.
I swear if anyone says that, they are not a human being.
And this is just a mere example, but what I am approaching is that religion and worship are not to be judged with wrong actions. You can be guided to produce good actions, but bad actions just seem incomprehensible.
Bad actions come from yourself and negativity, produced when you do not have faith in yourself and in spirituality.
When you worship you please your deity but also yourself and find inner peace.
When you believe in religion, you are entitled to believe in it wholeheartedly but at the same time respect other religions and deities.
When you misunderstand religion and its purpose, you are attracted to inhumane actions and thoughts.

Today, Atheism is developed as a way of saying that God does not exist. But to me Atheism is not that, because even if you do not believe in a specific God, at least believe in right actions!

When you worship you should feel that you are at peace and you life is complete and ready to accept what comes your way. Worship should never allude you to negativity like converting others, jealousy, suspicion, and bad karma. Worship should enlighten you with the truths of life, give you a sense of stability, and provide you hope for what comes ahead in life. This is no utopia, this is the one truth that extremely few people understand entirely.  

No religion or worship constructs a bad person, period. With religion, you should feel that a positive world has opened its door. Whether it is Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, or Christianity, all religions in this world will only motivate the positive and diminish the negative.

On a side note: If you ever say that Muslims are terrorists or vice-versa, you are technically wrong. Islam by definition means religion of peace, and it is not the religion that provokes the wrong deeds, it is the person's mindset. Think about it, has any sacred text ever specifically said to do this or that wrong deed? NOOOO. Interpretation and MINDSET determine your actions, not the religion itself!
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