Happy Birthday to The Candid Nation!

Hey Folks!
It has been ONE FULL YEAR since The Candid Nation started.
I am really proud that I could keep this blog continuous with also the fact that I have gained awesome readers and followers.
I started The Candid Nation on July 4th 2013, and just created my first dashboard waking up from a dream.
I never knew that I could grasp onto the blogging world, as I never believed that I was a good writer.
But my readers and followers give me confidence today, which is remarkable since I know very few people who understand my ideologies.

Without further ado, I would like to present the stats I have collected this entire year:

  1. Best commenters= +Mathew Naismith +Tuhin Deshamukhya +Manpreet Kaur +Helene Peverill 
  2. Total Pageviews since July 4th 2013= 4,010
  3. Followers on Google+= 63
  4. Followers on Facebook= 61
  5. 28,505 views of The Candid Nation Google+ page
  6. 7 tabs on The Candid Nation site
  7. Best site according to Lyfé= The Fun Express
Here is the special release I was talking about since May! I made a video about this year and The Candid Nation's First Birthday. Enjoy!
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