The Explained Authority: My Thoughts on Paper

1) I heard about government organizations, drug wars in several countries, and terrorist groups. And let's just say that these topics are super delicate when it comes to the internet.

2) But today I felt as if that day will come when we don't have the right to express our own opinion anymore. Not in respect of censorship, but in terms of who can see what in any country. 

3) Also, I recently read about terrorist groups on CNN and from that I can definitely declare that opinion and mindset are two very important things that make up human deeds.

4) Governments can just take the truth and hide it. It is like China exposing the opposite truth on Baidu, where +Dalai Lama  gets a bad rep.

5) It seems really frivolous to hide the truth and pose something else in front of others, you may call it a democracy, but the next thing you know it's tyranny all over again :/

6) If you say anything on freedom, terrorist groups will go against your ideas and turns out you are right the entire time! They think that westernization is being "impure" when actually committing unnecessary genocide and hostage is also impure.

7) Westernization or Easternization, both are set for where people live, and this does not ever conflict with having an open and pure mind.

8) As time proceeds, I feel that our say is less and less important, and empathy is decreasing.

This is the first Explained Authority

P.S: To all my avid readers, The Explained Authority posts are thoughts from what I am seeing in current events chunked into maximum two sentences each. 
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