The Critique: Three Top Cultural Youtubers

Hey Folks!
I came across some youtube videos and laughed hysterically for hours.
I mean, these are three youtubers I can relate to and understand their full on sense of comedy.
So without further ado, I present my top three favorite cultural Youtubers

  • Numero Un: +Tazzy Phe : "The Baadshah of Sophisticated Comedy"
This girl is what you call the "Baadshah of Sophisticated Comedy." With her Pashtun culture, she brings a new ethnic taste to the youtube land. I am inspired by how she maintains an established dignity with how she talks about hijabis, how brown parents can be, and all things that influence her daily life. I can relate very well to her, especially because of some of her culture is in my own. Tazzy Phe loves stripes (very chic) and is a major in IT, which I find pretty impressive. I watched a couple of her videos, and it is really cool to see that she adds in videos of other peoples' intros in the beginning. Way to make it diverse! For any person looking for entertainment, you have to check out Tazzy Phe's youtube channel, it is a must.
Latest video:
  • Numero Deux: +Zaid AliT : "The Bollywood Sync"
Zaid in general is a decent and generous person. He recently gifted a Mercedes Benz to his father, what a great father's day present! On top of that, his lip syncing to Bollywood songs is top notch, I wonder how he practices so well. I can often relate to how Zaid compares american culture and desi culture, with the facts that he emphasizes about relationships. Also, never ever get overly influenced by Bollywood as it is a big mistake to do so. Zaid points out in several videos how the hero meeting the heroine after a huge gang fight is not REAL LIFE. Ahh...fantasies and fantasies...
Latest video:
Yo! It's your girl Superwoman (with the superwoman finger symbol of course) as she elegantly flows into her videos with a BA-BANG. And you know what, "superwoman" is not an idea that came out of nowhere, instead Superwoman (A.K.A Lily Singh) is a courageous mastermind. From Types of Friends to my all time favorite, Types of Laughs, she dazzles the set with her everlasting sense of comedy. She is courageous to be herself and make someone smile every day! I look forward to her videos every Monday and Thursday, and wonder what will be her next topic. Ethnically she is Punjabi, and you should definitely sign up for the awesome T Dot Bhangra Competition that happens annually in Toronto. Need a laugh? Check out IISuperwomanII right now
Latest video:

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