The Critique: Saunf with Fennel Candy

Saunf with Fennel Candy, yum!
Blessed to critique: I love this!
Saunf is hindi for fennel seeds and is a natural mouth refreshener, usually mixed with fennel candy. Over to the left, the candy is multi-colored and the saunf is a dull plant-like green. To all my readers who have not mixed these two together or have tried, IT IS A MUST! The Saunf has a sweet and slightly sharp taste that is just beautiful. And the fennel candy make you crunch and be like a little kid with cotton candy. Over the weekend, my family and I have been munching on this simple yet gorgeous masterpiece anyone can dive into. I am a big food lover, and I say that this is purely heaven when it comes to thinking how rustic India is magnificent. You can buy saunf and fennel candy, and to add in, fennel candy are fennel seeds sugar coated. Thinking of buying a pack of gum? Think again, and head out to a grocery store to find this delight for rolling you over.
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