Philoso #23: Concentration into Meditation

brain-storm.jpgClose your eyes and focus on the blackness that you see inside, concentrate and envision any other different light pertained from what your retina is displaying. Breathe in and out and feel some shivers running up your spine, this is one sign that you a closer to being elated. When eyes are closed, focus on a strand or some shape on the blackness you see. I have learned to meditate on a specific deity, but everyone has different understandings and mediums. Therefore concentrate on something you feel is important to you, a deity, person, or even a flower if you must. Inhale one time and sense that your eyes are deepened into concentration. This is how you can be in a dreamy state, and you can come out of it in less than two seconds, so there is nothing to be cautioned or worried about.

This paragraph I wrote above is not very easy to write because describing the method of concentration may be seem simple, but it is another complex idea of the universe.
When people usually concentrate, they are not actually completing the deemed practice. Why? Concentration is something that you should do in which at the first stage you see nothing and think nothing. Clearing out: most people will concentrate and flow into the area of the brain where you start dreaming. Then constant dreams and conversations will abrupt and that contradicts the whole purpose of concentration into meditation (that rhymes!).

If any reader of mine looks at the title of the post, he or she may think, "wow, this author is deep" or "what is the point of this?" And reading this part might make you think why am I stating such an incident. Point is, is that a lot of people take the process of opening the mind for granted or negatively. Concentration into meditation is something so unique that each word I have said above is priceless in terms of what topic is suggested. Take five to ten minutes each day to elate yourself and you will see that a road of wonder has been spread upon you. If you are looking to be more open minded or see the world in a better stance, this idea will find you your goal.

*Need more tips? Don't hesitate and drop your questions/concerns in the comments below*
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