MARIA SHARAPOVA wins French Open 2014 Women's Final

Maria Sharapova wins the 2014 French Open today!
This match was super intense, and I can confirm that since I was on the edge of my seat this afternoon. Sharapova played against Simona Halep of Romania and let's just say Halep did an awesome job as well. The three rounds consisted of 6-4, 6-7, and 6-4 again. The sixes being Sharapova and the 4-7-4 by Halep. Across the court when the ball was hit each time, the loud grunting of power swished in the air and strike! Goes the power of Sharapova. Everybody said that this was a match played like no other, a powerful one after three years. Now she's off to the championship. Bon chance! *(good luck in french)


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