Dalai Lama Post #8

Gosh, I love this quote!
Who can state something so complex in a matter of a sentence?
Well, I haven't written a Dalai Lama Post in a VERY long time, so I thought why not now!

***I don't have a quote from +Dalai Lama google+ page, but I suggested to myself that picture will do***

So to start the show.....
Here is Dalai Lama Post #8!

    Dalai Lama's view on how time passes proves how majestic time can be. I mean, we can hold gadgets and food in our hand, but time is something we cannot hold! Isn't that crazy?
Yesterday and tomorrow are the two words that cover past and future.
     And why the comparison? Well, Buddha said that in order to stay in the present, we have to stop dreaming in the past and stop dreaming in the future. To fully nurture the one life we have, we must think what we are doing this instant. A part of that does not mean to completely ignore the future, instead, prepare but do not engulf yourself into it.
     Each second that goes by is your past and you cannot obtain it back, very strange but that is how the world works. Once it is gone, it is gone and there is literally nothing you can do. If you think about your past you are wasting the precious present time you have, and converting that into even more past-time. Futile, right?
      Engulf yourself in the future, and it is possible that the future may not come to you at all! If you dream too much about what you would want to happen then you are going to be hurt the most. Because it is not what you think that will happen, it is what you DO. So in order to strive for what you want to happen, just DO what is necessary for it. That's one advice I can confirm whole-heartedly. Dalai Lama's main focus hear is to say is that you cannot grasp these two conceptual ideas entirely. Today, what can you do is something that benefits the future; and there are a lot of things that seem negative, yet again Life Lessons

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