The Critique: Seventeen

The Critique: A new type of post from The Candid Nation!

This morning I woke up and thought, "Why not create posts that element my critique on businesses, youtube channels, etc?" Well, I ran to open up my dashboard and started writing the first critique post for The Candid Nation. And guess who is the lucky winner today? Seventeen. 
Seventeen is very inspiring and has recently released three videos in one part of the channel named #17NailedIt with Sarah. The chevron wall art and DIY lace stencil heels are just a work of art! To all my folks, you have to go look at Seventeen's youtube channel, it is fantastic! Click onto Seventeen's website and you can dive into the world of feminism and girl power, with all the DIY tricks and articles to do and what not to do. I read over the website, and despite the content, I would rather watch the youtube videos. to me did not seem as influential as the youtube channel itself. The channel has more variety of craft and inventiveness and the website is like where you have loads of quizzes and that stuff. The latest video, is hilarious with all the celebrity gossip and their Miley talk! Yet I must say that Seventeen's idea on the whole has one of the best fashion fatale sequences for teenage girls and also women. I know some people may say that this is too feministic or girly, but I for a non-girly person, would definitely recommend checking Seventeen out!
P.S: Any statement I make is always constructive and/or positive

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