Philoso #22: I Shall Tell, Therefore I Have Lost

*I have been quite busy lately, so excuse me for the delay in writing a new post :)
Two weeks, OH MY LORD
Yet here is one Philoso that I have personally learned a lot about. Try to make the most sense of it!
While listening to Empire State of Mind, Jay-Z's rapping reminded me of this delicate topic.
Lyfé's Dogma:
The more you brag about your intelligence, the more you loose it.
The more you brag about yourself, the more you loose your honesty.
The more you meddle, the more people are going to kick you out.
Let's just face it, you shall tell therefore you have lost.
Very simple and easy to do in today's world as people can have two sides to their personality.
For all students, I say that excessively bragging about test scores or making them better other then what is real will make you loose your esteem and honesty. And yes, that conjures for more than three times. 
I detest the people who also tell nonstop about their wealth, I mean what if you got into a situation where you needed to be quiet?
Proving your wealth is literally a downfall, and what you say carefully implies that you need to LIVE UP TO IT!
Quite demanding? Yup, you bet it is...that's why open your mouth only in times needed.
More people are looking to extract information from you rather than help or be a kind friend.
Not to scare anyone, but in today's world, and even whom am I kidding, that mankind is not as truthful as it should be.
Hyperventilating about the thought of losing your job even when nothing is happening presently, is going to make you lose your mind and develop negativity. Therefore, the negativity will affect you and God forbid, lead to losing your job. 
You should know what to talk about and when, because in the world there is always someone to snatch something from you. 
Interested in knowing the art of thoughts and interaction? Stand by for an upcoming Philoso. 

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