Lyfé's Boggling Mind: The Social Craziness With a Hint of ME

So my days consist of some really strange yet interesting things, socially and depending on occasion:

  1. Someone has been disrespectful to me
  2. Someone or the other is attracted to me, which I find pretty cliché
  3. I find some great song that I cannot stop listening to, right now it's SING BY ED SHEERAN
  4. I have to constantly have a mental battle to clear up who I want to talk to and think about
  5. Whenever I am studying or learning something new, I cannot simply not STOP! 
  6. I am always making up conversations in my head with people that I am familiar with 
  7. When making up conversations, I often act them out and realize that I am talking like an outward stranger #awkward
These are somethings that I have just gathered up, because I don't really have any friend to blurt all of this out to. Then again, remember point #1, someone (mostly a lot of people) have been disrespectful to me. I don't understand why, because when you look at the situations you realize that it is the other person at fault. Point #2 makes me laugh out loud, because I can understand the stupidity of several people. Come on! Doesn't anybody understand the importance of love rather than lust? 
Dear lord, when will the world ever have some common sense! 
I know my last two posts were long, but I could not help it. 
Those two posts are two of the most important things I have ever posted and they are life savers.

Now you may ask, why the sudden change in this masterpiece? I usually post about Buddhism, or Philosos, or Dalai Lama posts, what happened to this chick? Turns out, I felt like venting something out loud. And I have been pondering over releasing vlogs, but I want to be a unique individual. 

I don't even try hard to be like another person, because it is impossible. No really, how can you dress, think, talk, walk, even learn like another person? Wouldn't that simply be a clone? Yup, heck it is. 
To all my folks, you may not know too much about me in general, but I just hope you guys are smiling whenever I post an advice useful to anyone. 

If you look back at #6 and 7, that's what you call social/human craziness. It's just really easy to make up conversations, especially because there are a few people that I want to give a piece of my mind to. 

Point #5 is one of the biggest reasons for how I write what I write. I, Lyfé, pay more attention to academics and what is right in life. I look at other people and cannot understand how they can be so ignorant. Love knowledge, you love life :) 
Lastly, point #4 is another huge thing in my life which many people including my family don't know about. You don't realize that people often poke their nose in your brain, and interfere with thoughts. I am being faithful to someone I really admire, but then there are other people that will just not call it quits. Yet, I, Lyfé am a warrior and will always be one. 

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