Philoso #20: To Handle Provocativeness (PART ONE)

Many people confront this situation day to day and I assure you that this is one of the most necessary lessons when dealing someone. 

Quite dramatic? Yes sir indeed.
Because provocativeness is one thing that can cause a war, physically and/or emotionally.
Yet, always stop and think how you should deal this provocativeness...because the minute you commence arguing, it is like a shuttlecock running back and forth across the net without stopping.

First and foremost: Tactics
  1. Be a DIPLOMAT. 
You can never go wrong with this tactic, especially because if the other person is overaggressive/ unlike a diplomat then you will seem as a person of patience and contentment whether in public or in general.


     2.  Analyze each and every important word

The other person may not analyze, yet that is no excuse for you to not do so. When we speak, it can be hard to think then speak in retrospect that everybody is different. Therefore analyzing is another tactic because if the other person is saying or doing something in a hypocritical way or just the timing of situations makes both sides even then catching one word or phrase is easy as twisting the nose to make the other person understand that you are right! 


     3. Slap one side of the face and caress the other 

Just say what you feel as straightforwardly as you can, then contradict whatever you have said. Stupid? Not so much. In this way you can say everything with frustration in one go then to avoid unnecessary heated argument, contradict. Contradicting does not mean negate, this implies that appreciating the other person's feelings or personality and supporting what is right in general let's you seem like the good guy you were meant to be! Note: what's right in general does not mean that you are wrong on the whole (think of it as you were wanting to only express the main idea). 

To end part one of this Philoso, I will lay out that misusing these techniques will add only to your bad karma. 
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