Philoso #19 : Love is Not Love When it's Not Love

What is love? Baby don't hurt me, don't hurt me, no more....

Haha that was the first thing I thought when I started this Philoso. And yes, this topic is absolutely necessary especially in today's world, since today's world is all about LUST. I mean who the heck knows how the person is from the inside? Does anybody care these days? Or is it just about," Oh, she's cute" or "Oh, he's hot," and all that rubbish. NO WAY! You can land in a lot of trouble just by thinking like that, and I have been in that situation, yeah...not a nice cup of tea. 

But I am heading in the direction of two people being in love. Love does not have an exact and proper definition these days as I have mentioned above. Rather it's lust and I'll chop down what I am trying to differentiate.

Lust is basically admiring from afar on somebody's looks and simply being attracted to them.
Love is understanding someone's feelings, thoughts, being supportive, and making the other person feel as if they have someone to cherish. 

True love is often misguided as love at first sight and that is WRONG. Because love at first sight can be a hunch, but you might not understand that it is lust too. 

You should understand that you love someone when you cannot bear to be separated from them = agony. Also, being worried about their health and if they are safe is another aspect. If you know a person, regardless of relation, your love for them should compose of yearning for their great qualities.

I am familiar with this one person, and after understanding how that person is most situations, I realized that the person's honesty, respect for others, and charm is exceedingly unlike what I seen before. Especially of how people think of me in general (a lot of times negatively), that person's respect and admiration for me made sense and these days we are close yet far away at the same time. It really kills me, and several thoughts occur now and then that may seem foolish to some of you folks. The separation is unbearable, but I know that if I achieve the main goal that I have to accomplish, then I will win the heart of all things. Even that wonderful person...  

***P.S: I am not trying to seem happy-go-lucky, but emphasizing the difference is important and this can be related to friends, couples, and family all in all. 

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