Philoso #18: Life Lessons

This picture literally just moved me to writing Philoso #18. But without a doubt, this is absolutely true in how it depicts tests and lessons.
That's why this Philoso is about life lessons, because life lessons are an extremely important part of our lives.

How would you know how to tackle mental struggles, physical struggles, and all the world has to throw at you?
Two words: Life Lessons.
There is no knowledge with out a lesson and you always learn from what you have accomplished (a.k.a tests).
I can see the difference between school and life, as you learn from a test in life but in school you learn and then take a test. How ironically opposite? If you face an ordeal, such as who should you be with in a relationship or simply just as friends, that is the test because you have to think. Then when everything is smoothed out, you will learn what is the right approach, mostly which I refer to is philosophic. Right now, I am facing many tests in one and I can honestly say it seems like something is forcing your brain to pulse faster than a heartbeat. I can't understand why the madness is there when it is not needed, often being left blinded and emotional. But I can thankfully rely on one remedy, meditation. This test that I face sometimes tells me that being confident on the fact that everything is going to be all right, reminds me to CALM DOWN. I know this may be side-tracking, but hey, everybody understands real life situations rather than reprimanding Philosos over and over again. Life lessons make us learn that knowledge is never ending...
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