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Shared publicly  -  Jan 21, 2014

"In order to understand the way our brains behave, we can observe our emotions and their effects. In the past, it seemed as though science and spirituality were opposed to each other. However, it’s not a useful division to maintain, because the one tradition deals with knowledge of the material world and the other with the inner world of the mind; we need to know about both. "

We don't come by such a thought, do we? Analyzing is what we rarely do around our surroundings which leads to trouble in most cases. But take one step back and understand that what you have done is what you have set forth. Our emotions have an output and abbreviate or fully compose all situations. I for one agree with +Dalai Lama on this subject. 
He concludes the quote with the idea of how spiritually and science oppose, and from what I analyze, it is one mistake commonly made. And to clear out the misconception, they both can make the world go round. It just depends on how the person handles both of them, and if they are practical enough to understand how both of these ideologies are great. Spirituality is definitely a must, I have lead such experiences in life where I can see that it is something powerful and unique. And science is the nitty-gritty of how and why. When people oppose evolution because of a religious theory, hasn't anyone thought that maybe the ultimate deity can lead a process through creation? Does it have to be one or the other? 
We may have not come down magically, but we all know that there is a process in anything. Spirituality defines our sense of that understanding, so then we can know both pathways. Both science and spirituality are true and infinite, and I am disappointed in how people defy one or the other, proving that ignorance is bliss. 
NO, NOT IN LYFÉ'S HOUSE! Knowledge will remain knowledge, my friends. Spirituality is finding our self is different positions and why, being practically philosophic. Science explains that nonsensical stuff assumed as a part of spirituality is insulting, and that everything has a logical basis rather than a claimed theory.
Bear in mind, that spirituality never included invalidated theories as spirituality is only for the truth of oneself. Science supports that approach, but that's how people defy either one, because that approach is not recognized by many. 

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