Dalai Lama Post #5

This post does not have a quote.....
Simply because +Dalai Lama  is not just one quote that can change a perspective....
His holiness is worth much more, since his ways of adapting to any environment is simple and one of a kind...

Listen, and listen with a calm point of view:
Why is +Dalai Lama  who he is?
How come he is respected worldwide?
Why is he the only celebrity to stand for his words and still be bowed down to?

The answer is the simplest of them all....


Is his holiness not the only celebrity who shows his humbleness in respect of mentioning that everyone attains happiness?

He reaches to the world to teach what is good and what is evil and its several elements.
And emphasizes transcendence and the pure ways of Buddhism.
Sometimes I am shocked to understand that a simple human being can help the world and still be respected by mostly everyone (respectively).
+Dalai Lama  keeps his identity true to everyone and himself, and as I was watching a documentary, I noticed that even if China took Tibet from him, he still says that he is considerate for China.
It takes a lot of thought and guts to achieve such a strong mentality, and stick to the ideal of being kind to each individual. No wonder he was recognized as the next Dalai Lama when he was born!

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